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Our story starts with the name EKCHALA

“Ekchala” this name attachment of Devi Durga. Ekchala Means one roof,  Devi Durga and Family come to the mortal world in Ekchala, like we are try one roof in all handicraft collection on online. Ekchala is India’s finest marketplace for inspired handicraft. We offer artists the opportunity to reach out to thousands of people by transforming their art into trendy merchandise products and earn by selling them online.

We handle all manufacturing and shipping so that our artists can focus on doing what they love and bring fresh Handicraft Product & designs to admiring customers every day.


Our philosophy’s pretty simple: we don’t take life, or fashion, too seriously.
Like the bestie you can always count on, we’ve got all the outfits and inspo you could ever need. From date-night dresses to a pick-me-up when you’ve had a bad day, we’ll never let you down.

And with over 30K followers on social, and fans all over the world, we’ve created a community of babes who inspire us every day.


We want to help you look good and do good, and here’s how we’ll work with you.


Our For The Future capsule collection is made from recycled fibres, as well as doing your bit for the planet.

Reinvent & Recycle

The biggest way to reduce the environmental impact of the clothes you choose is to wear them for longer. We want you to love, wear and re-wear everything you buy from us – our guides, including ‘We Got Renew’ and ‘Ways to Wear’, show you exactly how.

And once you have finished with your old clothes, shoes and accessories, you can use the Regain app to recycle them – and get discount codes in return!


Our dispatch bags are made from 100% recycled content and are fully recyclable.

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